Hilltop Ranch Founders

Rich Caldwell

Rich had a 40+ year career in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations serving in financial & administrative senior management roles. His last job was VP Finance / CFO for Family Policy Alliance, a public policy partner of Focus on the Family. Early in his career he served as the pastor of a community church in the Philadelphia area for 8 years.

Rich holds a BA in Finance and Managerial Economics from Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA. He also earned a MBA degree in Finance from Drexel University in Philadelphia.

Rich and Becky recently celebrated their 43rd anniversary and are blessed by their 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren.

Rich and Becky are the co-founders of Hilltop Ranch.

Becky Caldwell

Becky was a public school mathematics teacher, home-schooled their children for six years and then was a substitute teacher in high schools for over 20 years. She managed a home business for 14 years, building and training team members. When Rich retired, they gave their full attention to the founding of Hilltop Ranch, a journey they had begun ten years earlier. During those ten years Becky started a fundraising and skill development micro-enterprise for adults with disabilities that has raised over $10,000 for Hilltop Ranch.

Having a daughter with intellectual disabilities has positioned Rich and Becky to reach out in understanding to other parents who find themselves with adult children living at home. From the day parents learn their child will never grow into independence they wonder, “what will happen to my child when I can no longer care for them.”  Rich and Becky have walked through the joys and the great challenges they face for 33 years. We get it!

Rich and Becky have spent 15 years becoming knowledgeable and staying current in legislation and current trends concerning housing for the IDD population. They have visited and researched housing models all across the country and have established relationships with state and local officials to make changes that will improve the housing situation for the IDD population.

Becky’s skills in creative problem solving, her marketing and development skills, and her relentless diligence have contributed significantly to where Hilltop Ranch is today – ready to see their first home take off and flourish.

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