Lydia Griffith has over ten years of experience working as a caregiver for people who have special needs, including children, young adults, and geriatric individuals. Lydia received a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science from Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL, followed by a Masters of Social Work at Union University in Germantown, TN. 

As an undergraduate, Lydia spent three years as a team member, cabinet member, and director respectively for an organization called Honduras Project, a team comprised of Wheaton students who partner with a local Honduran engineer to fund and install a gravity-fed water system in a different rural Honduran community each year. As a cabinet member, Lydia was responsible for documenting the group’s 40-year history as well as organizing a three-day event for approximately 125 alumni. Later, as the team’s director, Lydia was responsible for overseeing the 27-person group’s $95,000 operational budget. Her responsibilities included fundraising efforts, education, and the team’s eventual international travel to the remote community. 

Lydia’s experiences in caregiving and social work have distilled in her a distinct sense of God’s calling on her life. She believes that God’s love is impartial and that, unless all of us belong, no one belongs. She’s excited to be at Hilltop Ranch, where she hopes to facilitate the integration of residents with the larger Colorado Springs community as well as the integration of the larger community with the residents. 

Outside of work, Lydia enjoys long runs, reading books, talking to strangers, and driving cross-country. As a Colorado Springs native, Lydia is looking forward to life back in her hometown. After many years away, she’s anticipating summiting more 14’ers, fly-fishing in her favorite streams and rivers, and returning to the city that she loves.

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