Cookie Mixes in Jars

We do not offer the option to ship these – you have to drive to Colorado to get them!
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More About our Cookie Mixes

We’ve made thousands of these yummy mixes and our future residents enjoy selling them at the entrance to stores, craft sales, and out and about the community. They are proud of their work, and feel it’s important to taste test the samples put out for customers!

Our assembly experts learn about baking measurements as they layer the ingredients in the jars. And when they’re selling they use their cash register to make sure they know how much to charge and now much change to give back to their customers.

They also learn the importance of assembling the mixes using proper sanitation methods.

These mixes make great stocking stuffers, gifts for teachers and others you want to thank, and for kids and grandkids.

The income from these cookie mix sales helped with our initial start-up costs and continues to be a source of fundraising.

Other Projects

While our Cookie Mix Jars are our most established endeavor, we have ideas galore that our residents will enjoy after they move into their new home!

We will participate in community service projects, volunteer in any number of ways, and add more projects where our residents can use their love of crafts and art to make products needed and enjoyed by others. One of our moms is working on Colorado/mountain-style crafts that will be displayed in our “store” at the lodge. She has great ideas for wedding favors and other small gifts that our residents will proudly create in our craft area!

Our residents love to send cards with artwork enclosed so we plan to sponsor children or adults with disabilities in countries where receiving services is an un-heard of dream! They’ll send artwork back in return and we’ll decorate the hallways as we learn about countries around the world!

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