Changes Ahead – Building a Firmer Foundation!

Remembering His faithfulness…

Thirteen years ago we were excited to be given a vision to start a residential community for adults with disabilities. After years of diligent effort and God’s abundant provision, He gifted us with the lodge in December 2020. Our first four residents moved in at the end of February.

Our story takes a turn…

During the early months of 2021, before we hired house parents, the parents of our first four residents gave sacrificially by providing care at the lodge. Our first House Parents were hired in June, but then left early in October to live near family in Missouri – partly because their first baby was on the way! Rich and I served as temporary House Parents for the month of October and then our residents returned to their parents’ homes. That time was special for us as we “loved on” our very special residents and were able to make sure they were doing alright with the changes they were facing.

We are as excited and committed as ever as we move forward in preparation to again welcome residents to the lodge but with a solid, secure foundation of experienced staff in place. This involves adding: 
1) Two sets of House Parents that together as a team can provide 24/7 care. House Parents need a private place to be renewed when not “on duty” so we are having two efficiency apartments built in the two unfinished areas at the lodge. 
2) A Director with the experience and knowledge to oversee the development and operation of Hilltop Ranch. Our current “directors” (Rich and Becky) have earned a combined salary of $0 but, our new director might need a tad more!

Rich and Becky…

We’re excited over what we have learned in these initial months and we know we will see the faithfulness of God as we move ahead. We look forward with great anticipation to seeing who will join us as we work to meet a small part of the great need for housing for adults with intellectual disabilities. 
We will stay very involved but at this time of our lives, we need to do the work of two people, not twenty! 

Our fundraising goals…

We’re in the initial stages of getting architectural plans, but we expect the renovation costs for both apartments (and turning one very large bedroom into two bedrooms which will increase our rooms for men) to be about $200,000. We will be able to provide more precise cost projections in the near future.

Our fully staffed operating costs in this next phase will be about $40,000/mo (salaries, mortgage, insurance, etc.), roughly 60% of which is covered by the tuition paid by the residents’ families making our fundraising goal $16,000/mo or $192,000 annually.

Would you prayerfully stand with us and help fund the renovation ($200,000) and salary/operating costs ($192,000) as we develop a thriving home where our “Ranchers” can SHINE?

We would appreciate it if you would be as generous as you can. A huge “Thank You” to those of you who have faithfully supported us. We need all of you now more than ever before to make sure the beautiful lodge God has given us becomes a secure and loving home for the incredible adults He has called us to serve!

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Hilltop Ranch seeks to be an outpost of God’s Kingdom where people of all abilities can flourish in relationships of respect and mutuality.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization.

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