New LOGO, New PROJECTS, New Interest

NEW LOGO: We’re thankful to Sally Dunn for her work in designing a new logo for us. We love how she brought in our vision to provide homes that offer opportunities for our residents to SHINE! CATCH UP: Why is the lodge temporarily closed to residents? What has prompted the renovations? See the previous update […]

Changes Ahead – Building a Firmer Foundation!

Our story takes a turn… During the early months of 2021, before we hired house parents, the parents of our first four residents gave sacrificially by providing care at the lodge. Our first House Parents were hired in June, but then left early in October to live near family in Missouri – partly because their first baby was […]

Move-In Day Approaches!

We’re so excited to have the lodge become ours in just four more days! The previous owners have rented back from us for the month of January so February 1st is the first day to feel like it’s ours! We plan to spend the month of February preparing the lodge, thinking through and developing procedures […]

Launching Phase One!

After many months of looking for land and learning more and more about zoning and land use approval processes, we know we need to start our dream in phases. We are excited to change our focus to starting with one home for our first residents and their caregiver(s). We are looking for a house with […]

Want to live at Hilltop Ranch?

Our application is now live.

We currently have a few spots remaining. Once all eight spots are filled, new applicants will be added to our waitlist.