Hilltop Ranch Update #9

September 2012

Dear friends of Hilltop Ranch,

Warm greetings to you from beautiful Colorado Springs. Yes, there is still a lot of beauty here in CS even after the destructive fires we had this summer. After that experience, when I (Rich) hear of forest fires raging in other states, I feel some of the same emotions again and have compassion on those now going through that experience. This is the blessing that can come from our life's trials - compassion for others - which is what we have for those parents who have a child with special needs and often ask the question, "Who will care for our precious child when we no longer can?" Offering an answer to that question is the motivation we have to bring into reality our dream to build Hilltop Ranch.

Our dream, as we've joined with others, has broadened to include not only group homes, but also apartments or condos where higher functioning adults can live as independently as possible. And, an assisted living facility that meet the needs of seniors (with or without intellectual disabilities) while providing opportunities for them to contribute to the community would also allow our residents, as they age, to remain on the campus that will have become home to them.

We're excited about the talented and well-connected team of compassionate Christian leaders that is coming together to bring Hilltop Ranch and Thrive Communities into reality. Recently, David Bohn, a very capable and experienced senior executive, enthusiastically joined the group.

This is the land, located between Monument and Palmer Lake, where Hilltop Ranch will most likely be built. Couldn't help having a little fun by projecting our conceptual model onto the photo!


Rich flew to Mississippi in April to visit the Baddour Center (www.baddour.org) and returned feeling like he'd "drunk from a fire hose". He came home with not only a lot of good information but what we hope will be ongoing relationships.


We're entering our busy season, especially as we get closer to Christmas. I'll try to keep the website calendar updated with the dates and locations of our sales. Let us know if you or your loved one with disabilities would like to get involved with this fun project. You can also order mixes. They make great gifts for neighbors, teachers, children… just about anyone! We have chocolate chip, M&M, Oatmeal Raisin and Cranberry Pecan with white chocolate chips. "Our House," a local day program provider, is now helping us assemble the cookie mixes.


Our first dinner was a success and the volunteers enjoyed their Chick-Fil-A gift card. We especially honored Bette Kelso, who on her own has earned almost $1500 for Hilltop just selling cookie mixes! A big thank you to Chick-Fil-A who treated everyone who came to a sandwich and to Walmart and King Soopers for helping with prizes for attendees.


We've all thought a lot about the future for our disabled loved ones. As we get closer to designing the campus, community center, homes, programs, etc., we'd like to hear what your dreams are for your loved one. Our contact information is below. Thank you!

Thanks for all your encouragement and support as we move forward!

Rich and Becky Caldwell
3536 Shady Rock Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920
719-282-3732 (home)
719-313-1028 (Rich's cell)
719-310-4095 (Becky's cell)