Our Cookie Mix Business is off and running. In the first three months we have earned over $2000 for Hilltop Ranch. We have four varieties - chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, m&m, and, cranberry pecan with white chocolate chips. The mixes sell for $8 each and we can take your orders by phone (719-282-3732) or email (Becky.Caldwell@hilltopranch.org).

Our cookie mix assemblers are proud of their creations. They each have a business card and enthusiastically advertise their business.

Sarah, Bette and Becky selling cookie mixes at Walmart.

We'd love help - in assembly, in selling, or in preparation that can be done in your home (such as cutting fabric circles or premixing the flour mixtures). You can take a few mixes along with some Hilltop handouts to a gathering of friends or your workplace. And, let us know of places where we can sell our mixes. Thanks!